Are you a woman entrepreneur? Here’s something to inspire you! The Odlum Brown Forum Pitch Finale held some weeks ago on April 28, 2022. It had 2,000+ attendees who tuned in in-person and virtually to cheer for the Finalists and celebrate 20 years of impact with #TheForum for Women Entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to Brianna Blaney & Aria Hahn, Co-founders of Pocketed, the 2021/22 winners of The Odlum Brown Forum 2022 Pitch Finale!

The Forum is a Canadian-based charity that energizes, educates, mentors, and connects self-identified women entrepreneurs to be wildly successful, promoting strengthened economies and thriving communities.

‘When women entrepreneurs thrive, we all do!”

Which is why The Forum has supported over 10,000 women entrepreneurs since 2002 and remains committed to making sure self-identified women entrepreneurs like you feel equipped to achieve anything you set your mind to. Our educational programs, mentorships, and deeply collaborative, connected community are all focused on helping you set and achieve big goals in your business. Because we know empowering and wholeheartedly supporting you are the best ways to ensure your success and keep our commitment.

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About Pocketed

“(Free) funding at your fingertips!”

Pocketed is a powerful grant matching platform designed to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Matched. Financed. Funded. Pocketed is unlocking grant funding for start-ups!

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