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Membership benefits

  • Opportunity to share your products and services on our robust marketplace platform.
  • Your Business & Professional profile featured on BWP Co-op Blog and across our social
    media platforms.
  • Access to vetted investment portfolios.
  • Discounts on tickets to BWP Co-op events.
  • Discounts on products & services.
  • Opportunity to become an owner of BWP Co-op.
  • Profit sharing in profitable years, based on the percentage contributed/no of shares.
  • Opportunity to propose investment opportunities to the members.
  • Employment Opportunities – Workers Corporative Acts states that only members can be hired as workers (see “Schedule A” – Articles of Incorporation)
  • Voting rights – One person one vote, you will be eligible to vote at the AGM, select board of directors and decide on other matters.
  • Peer to Peer knowledge sharing and support.