Board Composition and Voting Process

A Democratic Organizational & Governance Structure.

BWP CO-OP’s Board currently comprises of five (5) Board of Directors, who are members of the Co-op, at least eighteen (18) years of age, and residents of Canada. The term of office is three years, and the officers appointed or voted for effective board management are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary and Treasurer. For the professional biographies of the current Board of Directors, refer to their LinkedIn profiles.

BWP Co-op is owned and controlled by its workers, who constitute the members of the cooperative. BWP Co-op shares these core characteristics of all worker cooperatives:

- The members own the business and they participate in its financial success on the basis of their labor contribution to the cooperative.

- The members have representation on the board, and vote for the board of directors, adhering to the principle of one member, one vote.

- In addition to their democratic and inclusive economic and governance participation, worker-owners also manage the day-to-day operations through a unique hybrid management structure.

Our Board of Directors

Decades of extensive educational backgrounds, and combined leadership, professional & entrepreneurial experience.

BWP Co-op's Board of Directors and Founding Members have a track record in the public, private and civic space, spanning multi-disciplinary fields, sectors and countries.

These include: Public Sector, Banking & Finance, Business Analysis and ICT, Environmental Sustainability, Gender Studies, Education and Training, Food Management, Wealth Management & Insurance Advisory, Community and International Development, Business Administration, Medical and Health Services, Research & Academia, and Social Justice Advocacy.

Obiageli Agusiegbe | Linda Ike | Adaobi Iwenofu | Juliet 'Kego |Amaka Uzuakpunwa

Organogram of BWP Co-op's Organizational Structure.

BWP Co-op Operates a Hybrid Organizational Structure.