Business Development


Our team of Business Developers work with our members to provide these business development services.

  1. Develop Business development goals for our clients which include;— Sales Growth— Increased Profitability— Cost Savings— Business Expansion

    — Creation of Strategic Partnerships.

  2. Partner with existing and prospective Clients to develop contract-winning proposals and help them negotiate contract terms.|
  3. Ensure that Project Management, Product management, Sales, Marketing and vendor Management areas of the organization are aligned with its business development goals.
  4. Work with production teams to ensure contracted product specifications are executed within the approved timelines.



Business Analysis


Our Business and IT Consultants will help our members to achieve their strategic goals through internal changes to their organizational capabilities, including:

— Changes to policies, processes, and information systems.

— They will also help drive change and facilitate process mapping and process improvement.

— Improve how our clients conduct functions and activities to reduce overall costs, and provide more efficient use of their resources and better support their customers.

— IT Consultants simplify, modernize, and innovate companies’ end-to-end processes, technology and data.

— Our Business Consultants work as liaisons amongst stakeholders to analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes and information systems.

— Our Business Consultants understand business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirements and assist in solutions that enable organizations to achieve its goals.




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