BWP Co-op uses a research-based approach based on reports from third-party organizations focused on Black demographic, member surveys, direct community engagements and feedback, to develop education pedagogies and training curricula to address these identified challenges in our communities: lack of knowledge about Credit Worthiness; low access to in-kind Resources and Capital (loans, grants, subsidies), a lack of time due to competing business prioritioes, and lack of competent guidance to navigate the grant and loan application processes. These challenges form a a significant collective systemic barrier to the success of Black Women Professionals and Business Owners.



BWP Co-op has partnered with a social enterprise co-founded by a member of our cooperative – Whole Woman Network  (established in 2010), to deliver their flagship program  – FLOW (*FLOW – Financial Literacy and Opportunities for Women & Youth). BWP Co-op is also developing referral relationships with other Cooperatives, Coaches, Financial Planners, Social Enterprises, Non-For-Profit organizations, and Financial Institutions such as Alterna Savings, to deliver free holistic financial literacy education and programs to our members and BIIPOC communities (more details to follow soon).


FLOW Target For 2023:


  • To reach at least One Thousand (1,000) Households, Student Bodies in at least Twenty (20) Educational Institutions (High Schools, Colleges and Universities), and Fifty (50) Ethno-cultural Associations and Faith-based Institutions.
  • To successfully deliver a minimum of twenty-four (24), group workshops, and forty (40), 90-minute webinars on Financial Literacy to our members, community, partners and general public.
  • To develop an online portal with accessible, creative, culturally relevant, relatable, mentally-digestible and interactive training modules on Financial Literacy, and track their impact.
  • Financial literacy training for Business owners – Personal Finance, Credit Score, Budgeting, Financial Statements, Taxation, Payroll Management, Alternative Funding channels.
  • Our network of partners, coaches and consultants are also poised to deliver on-demand workshops and training sessions to individuals and groups that request for one-on-one services.



Our Financial Literacy Education Programs are grouped into three streams: Beginner, IntermediateAdvanced.

The Beginner and Intermediate programs are focused on basic principles of financial literacy, investment instruments, budgeting, building credit worthiness, social capital and financial intelligence quotient – the neuro-behavioral patterns, beliefs, values, environment, mindset and other factors that shape people’s relationship with money, setting quantum goals and implementing a holistic roadmap to wealth creation and financial security/independence/freedom.

The Advanced Financial Literacy programs build upon the foundational courses from the Beginner and Intermediate programs, and are more in-depth, transformational, and uniquely tailored to Social Entrepreneurs, Cooperatives, Business Owners and other stakeholders in the Solidarity Economy.



BWP Co-op’s Financial Literacy & Opportunities Training program is delivered via a hybrid: in person sessions and virtual sessions (6-week webinar series and online classes). Our Trainings are experiential, creative, culturally rooted, inclusive, intersectional, anchored on indigenous, historical and contemporary frameworks, to offer people the tools and resources to unlock their highest potentials and create wealth wholeness.


  • Financial Literacy Education for Youth – High School Students, Undergraduates & New Graduates
  • Financial Literacy Education for New Immigrants – Understanding Your Financial Environment
  • Financial Literacy Education for Women – Wealth Wholeness for all Phases in the Life Cycle

Financial Literacy Education for Groups – Community Organizations & Associations.



  • *FLOW – Financial Literacy for Women & Youth offers financial literacy training programs to equity-deserving Women and under-served Youth, with a special focus on BIIPOC demographic (Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, People of Color). The mission of FLOW is to break down the cycles of intergenerational poverty and trauma among racialized demographics, and build whole families and resilient communities, while creating intergenerational wealth and overall well-being.


  • *FLOW offers customized transformational workshops, retreats, and coaching services to individuals, faith-based groups, ethnic associations and educational/professional institutions with measurable outcomes, tailored to demographic needs. Their programs range from introductory, to intermediate, and advanced, with various durations [3-day, one-week, 6-week, 3-month and 6-month], with a certification track under a Train-the-Trainer program.


  • Since 2010, *FLOW has been providing a safe space and community for BIIPOC groups to run ROSCAs, learn healthy money habits, and entrepreneurship, leadership and life skills. They also offer on-going advisory, consulting services and coaching interventions to clients.


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