BWP Co-op provides in-house services and resources to members on how to access capital. We use a combination of a cohort system and peer-to-peer approach to support our members. Certified Co-op Developers, Consultants, Interns and Volunteers are part of a network that support members in the grant writing and loan application processes.


BWP Co-op members that have successfully accessed grants, subsidies and loans also provide a supportive peer review system to offer insights, feedback and ideas by sharing their experiences – both failures and wins. In addition to Loans and Grants from Government and private organizations, BWP Co-op also creates a platform for members to support one another via angel investing networks and peer-to-peer lending cirles.



There are several factors that impede Black Women Professionals and Business owners from accessing Capital (Loans, Grants, Subsidies, in-kind Resources (Coop placements, Paid Internships and Government Funded Wages for specific Jobs). Based on several research findings and commissioned studies on Canadian Black Women Entrepreneurs, some of the barriers are institutional and systemic, while others are due to a lack of access to subject matter experts with the capacity to apply for these grants, a lack of awareness and an overall lack of trust in the Government and in the formal financial sector. Other factors include:


Time Constraints.
Many small business owners we surveyed share that they are focused on running their businesses as sole proprietors or with limited staff, and do not have enough time to devote to applying for capital. Loan and Grants applications require adequate time to identify, verify, complete, submit and follow up.


Ineligibility due to Informal Nature of Some Businesses.


The Complexity Required to Complete Grants and Loans Applications.


Difficulty in Meeting Deadlines for Grants and Loans Applications.


Challenges in Understanding Grants Reporting Guidelines.


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