It is refreshing and empowering to work with the consulting team at BWPW Co-op. They took the time to understand and analyze our business needs and gaps, explore funding sources, and worked with us to improve our processes and operations so that we are better prepared to serve our clients. As business women, especially as immigrants, we face unique challenges, and overcoming them requires effective communication, collaboration and tailored approaches.

More women business owners and professionals will benefit from the flexible resources, tools, coaching, training, and peer-to-peer services that BWPW Co-op offers. The network of referrals the cooperative is introducing us to is invaluable. Unsure of where to start? Begin by subscribing to their weekly newsletter, booking a one-on-one coaching session, and attending one of their events! #SisterhoodSolidarity

GlamourGate Inc. Ontario, Canada

Shiva, Manager, Graphic Design

I joined this exciting cooperative to make a difference in our community specifically with women entrepreneurs, and to have a positive impact with like minded women who share the vision of empowering women.

Since joining BWPW Co-op, I have been able to learn the intricacies involved in working for a cooperative. Every member is treated as equals, with all members working towards the objectives of the cooperative. The BWPW Co-op community is enhancing my business acumen and knowledge.

I would highly recommend BWPW Co-op to black women professionals and women business owners who are looking to give their businesses much needed exposure to wider communities, or are seeking financial and advisory services on running their business.

In the famous words of the popular Singer Cher,
❝Women are the real architects of Society.❞

Linda Ekwe

Worker-Member-Owner, BWPW Co-op

Thanks to BWPW Co-op, our team started off this year on an exciting note by being one of the recipients of a grant to revamp our digital strategy. We are pleased with the results-based coaching and peer support we received from the team at BWPW Co-op. As women business owners, we are often too busy building our businesses, and tend to have little time to devote to activities like applying for grants, loans and other resources needed to expand our operations. Our business coach from BWPW Co-op followed up with us, provided expert advisory services, and ensured we submitted a well written application on time.

Obie Agusiegbe, MSc. EP

CEO, EnvironFocus

As a rising entrepreneur, I was looking for an avenue to gain resources to grow my business. BWPW Coop exposed me to these resources, I got access to apply for grants to support the financial growth of my business, and I am also able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and expanded both my network and access to information. I recommend this cooperative to women interested in growing their enterprises. I am learning alot by being a member.

Amaka Grace

Worker-Member-Owner, BWPW Co-op

I joined BWPW Co-op to build collaboratively with other women, and redefine the narrative about the socio-economic status of women in my community. As one of the few Black women-owned Cooperatives in Canada, BWPW Co-op fills an important need, and is building a much needed ecosystem.

As a professional Business Analyst and IT professional with over 2 decades experience, BWPW Co-op provides an opportunity for me to partner with, and learn from other women professionals, - to train and coach women business owners on mapping, documenting and improving their business processes and bottomline.

I highly recommend BWPW Co-op to other black women professionals and business owners.
No Sister Left Behind!

Ada Iwenofu, CBAP, CSM

Snr. Business Analyst & IT Professional

The vision of this cooperative is bold and inspiring. As a recipient of their peer-to-peer loan and support offered by some of the members in 2021, I am an example of their commitment to build bridges between African women in Canada and those of us in Africa, particulary now that many women farmers and business owners are facing several challenges - flood, lack of capital, herder violence/insecurity, food inflation and high transportation costs. I appreciate the incredible impact of their work. Being supported in my farming (and piggery business), by a women-led cooperative from across the world at the touch of a phone and computer, is a true testament of the power of technology and the uniqueness of the cooperative model. It takes a committed community to empower a woman. And I am thankful to be among the women in the global BWPW community.

Chizoba Mbah

Teacher/Farmer, Nigeria

I made the decision to join BWPW CO-OP because I saw an opportunity to become a part of something that I believe in, and that will be beneficial - financially and socially to me, now and in the future. Also, I appreciate that the co-operative caters to the empowerment of black women irrespective of their geographic location.

As a member of the BWPW, I have learnt a great deal about teamwork, and the necessity for women empowerment through individual and co-operative ventures. I would strongly recommend BWPW CO-OP to other black women professionals and business owners because I believe there is truly strength in numbers. This co-operative is comprised of members who are highly professional, efficient; and who are dedicated to improving the global power dynamics, while bridging the wealth gap.

Snow Phoenix

Member, BWPW Co-op

I am an educator with a 12-year background in the banking sector. A few years ago, shortly before the pandemic, I got involved in the food industry and started a company (Holia Foods), focused on sourcing and packaging healthy, fresh, organic foodstuff, spices and vegetables from local farmers and traders in Nigeria.

I joined BWPW Co-op Canada in April 2021 because I wanted to scale my operations and sell to a global marketplace. Being a member of BWPW Co-op has been rewarding and empowering. In addition to collaborating to create wealth, the cooperative also offers us an opportunity to co-invest in the agricultural/food businesses of other women, both in Canada and across Africa/Caribbean. It is important to be able to partake in profit in such a sustainable, meaningful and purposeful way, and join a movement of women championing and transforming the lives of other women entrepreneurs globally through shared prosperity and cooperative principles.

Nwaka Bede-Nwokoye

Proprietress, Kholia Montessori and Owner, Holia Foods