BWP CO-OP: Our Story

BWP Co-op was started informally in March 2020 in the aftermath of the pandemic, by ten black women professionals and was formally incorporated on August 23, 2021. Using an indigenous, communal-based rotating saving and credit system (“ROSCA/Esusu”), our initial group raised funds. Our membership demographic extends from GenZ to retirees (Baby Boomers)

About Us

BWP - Black Women Professional Co-op is a provincially registered multi-stakeholder cooperative based in Ontario, Canada.

Black Women Professional Co-operative (BWP Co-op) is a multi-stakeholder co-op that aims to empower women professionals and entrepreneurs, including those in the food ecosystem, to operationalize their businesses, and scale up products and services to mainstream local channels and international markets.

Our Vision

We envision a world of shared prosperity, equity and dignity, where black women work together in solidarity to increase economic opportunities and transform their communities through cooperative economics.

Our Mission

A Black women-owned network of entrepreneurs & professionals building resilient, healthy & thriving communities, focused on women's economic freedom, socio-cultural agency & intergenerational legacy

The Cooperative Identity – Values and Principles of the Cooperative Movement.

Cooperative Enterprises have been building local economies and improving lives and livelihoods for hundreds of years. BWP Co-op is guided by the Cooperative Values, the 7 Cooperative Principles, and the 10 Mondragon Principles.

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Our Board of Directors

BWPW Co-op Board of Directors and Founding Members have several decades of combined professional work experience, with an extensive depth and breadth of educational backgrounds spanning multi-disciplinary fields, sectors and countries.

These include: Banking & Finance, Business Analysis and ICT, Environmental Sustainability, Gender Studies, Education and Training, Food Management, Wealth Management & Insurance Advisory, Community and International Development, Business Administration, Medical and Health Services, Research & Academia, and Social Justice Advocacy.

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